MA Linguistics and TESOL

MA and morning sickness

So I did start my Masters almost exactly a year ago but unfortunately, I had to withdraw. I found out I was pregnant not long after I started the MA and when first trimester symptoms hit, I was caught quite unprepared for the misery that became my body.

Everyday I woke up feeling I had been hit on my nose by a cricket bat – and I know the feeling, because when I was about 13, I was actually hit on the nose by a leather cricket ball that came flying off some punk’s bat (I passed out, as one does in such blinding pain). And everyday I felt ready to tear my guts out of my system. I had heard of morning sickness but when it hit me, I realized (and then read online about) what a misnomer ‘morning sickness’ is, because what hit me was all day, all night long, debilitating sickness.

It’s a surprise that women get maternity leave but not morning (bah) sickness leave, because I know I couldn’t function at all for the month I suffered. Mercifully, I had been very sick for the two months before and was therefore on reduced hours, no teaching duty for a month. And then, I was on holiday for two months which took me into my second trimester (what a breeze that was!).

Anyway, since the morning sickness hit me soon after I had started my MA, I had to withdraw. But not before one cracker of an assignment. I’ll post it here soon. Perhaps that will be my legacy. Unless I can one day go back to the MA (which seems like a dream now that I have a newborn).

MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

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