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IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.27

Here’s another IELTS Speaking Part 2 question. It’s a good idea to prepare a model answer for your favorite media outlet which can be adapted to several questions following this pattern. Write your answer in the comments box below. Next week, I’ll post a model answer.


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IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.23

Here’s another IELTS Speaking Part 2 question. As you can see, this question is about current events. This is why it’s a very good idea to stay updated on current affairs in your country and around the world in the run up to your IELTS exam. I suggest reading news websites or watching news broadcasts on TV or the internet. Find out what to read and what to listen to, to prepare for your IELTS exam.

Write your answer to this question in the comments box below. Next week, I’ll post a model answer.


Before you begin, see how to answer questions in Speaking Part 2 and manage your time effectively.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Conversations – Model answer

Here is a model answer to the question I posted last week about conversations. 

Most of my conversations with strangers would happen only because of books. Apart from that unless I am asking for directions or seeking help of that nature, I do not talk to strangers. Strangers often start conversations with me though. People usually start conversations with strangers if they are bored, curious or need help.  Waiting in airports for example you are more likely to start a conversation with a stranger who is waiting for the same flight. Some people like me can be curious about book strangers are reading and strike up a conversation to know what the book is about or how it is as well. You are more likely to talk to strangers if you are facing an emergency like an urgent phone call when your phone is not working.

Social media has provided more avenues for strangers to interact from specific websites for strangers to connect or a website like Facebook where you see you have mutual friends and hence add someone who is unknown to you but not a complete stranger altogether. In that sense we are all a little bit more connected now and the definition of a stranger has changed post the advent of social media. So talking to strangers is not only more acceptable but common as well now. I think people are less hesitant to talk to strangers as mentioned because there are more platforms available to do so. Through the Internet people have found a medium to be share problems, feel less lonely and make more friends making it easier for people to have conversations with strangers now.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.19

Here’s another IELTS Speaking Part 2 question. Write your answer in the comments box below. Next week, I’ll post a model answer.


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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Art – Model answer

Here is a sample answer to the question about art I posted last week.

Art plays an important part in our life. Not only does it add meaning and bring beauty into our lives but it also makes us feel but evoking out emotions. It exposes us to new ideas, ways of being and philosophies. It has the potential to make us smarter by introducing to us diverse perspectives and challenging the accepted norm. They make us aware of our environment; make us contemplate on things that do not occur to us on our own. Art can also serve as a way to comment on society and bring to forefront the issues in our society.

Life without art would be a lot more controlled, predictable and dull. We would not have had entertainment to distract us from reality or new ideas that change us. Most importantly, there would be no channel to focus our creativity and energy. Less inspiration would exist and motivation to change would decrease since there would no art to showcase the things unheard of.

Photography is definitely an art as capturing the essence of a moment whether in candid photography of people or clicking the vista of a place and creating an aesthetic model of it in a photograph requires skill and talent.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and so, photography clearly makes enough of an impression upon humans to be considered an art.

I feel art is inspired by life but may not necessarily imitate life. If we only created art that we see around in life, its scope would be much less. Our imagination is not limited to simply imitating life which is why art is so importance because it goes beyond the conventions. It is the artist’s imagination that is art, it is a medium of expression for them which does not always imitate life.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Movies – Model answer

Here is the sample answer to the question about movies I posted last week.

Movies are a very important form of art. Cinema is a melting pot of different kinds of creativity in the form of storytelling, acting, direction and many other aspects that are involved in its execution. They evoke emotions through their stories and that is the basic premise of any art form. Movies are a medium of expression as well, one that combines skill and imagination just like a book. Whether all movies come under the category of art is debatable as this term is generally applied to though provoking films as opposed to commercial entertainment ones.

Movies should be a mix of education and entertainment. They exist to make citizens aware but entertain them at the same time as well. Categorizing them as only education or entertainment is not beneficial to the society. People have preferences as to what they enjoy and as such, all types of movie should be made to cater to the difference in tastes. Even purely educational films cannot be as successful without being entertaining and at the same time, only entertainment films in abundance will tire people. Movies serve as a medium to get the society to wonder and discuss about issues and so, there is a need for cinema as art while maintaining the inherent quality of it providing entertainment.

The last few decades have seen bolder concepts being portrayed in cinema such as homosexuality. New technology has led to better quality of movies, more accessibility to these movies so now a movie can have a much larger audience especially globally. Animated movies have become very popular these days. Action and superhero films have also become more common often spawning a sequel or movie series of its own. Literature is being captured in this medium more too, today with several movies releasing that are adaptations of books.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Advertising – Model answer

Here is the answer to a question on advertising I posted last week. 

Advertising has a huge impact on our shopping habits. It influences us from the very first stage of what we think we need. We are constantly bombarded with ads whether on TV, during movies in a theater, while browsing the Internet or reading a newspaper.The role of advertising traditionally is to inform the masses about what products and services are available. More often than not, what it does is to convince consumers they should have a certain product. Different kinds of companies use different advertising methods depending on whether they are selling a basic commodity or a luxury good.

I strongly feel that advertisers should not be able allowed to target children. This issue evokes criticism regularly as a large section of the society perceives targeting children to be unethical. Some countries like Belgium ban advertisements during the time children shows are aired on television. Advertising also negatively influences children by encouraging unreasonable notions of body sizes, lifestyles and violence. They overestimate the importance of material possessions and promote shopping as an activity.

Kids and teenagers are more affected by advertising because while adults possess the ability to discern between informative ads and manipulative ads, children are still in the stage of forming their minds. Constant exposure to such ads can prevent them from making a sound judgment about the content of advertisements. Ultimately it is the adults who are affected since they are the ones paying because the successful commercials will results in the child making a persistent demand which the parents will have to oblige. Although advertising is of undeniable importance, companies should ensure that they do not manipulate audiences specifically children.


Here’s the model answer to last week’s Speaking Part 2 question.

I am going to talk about my favourite film which is My Fair Lady. It’s based on a play by the name of Pygmalion written by George Bernard Shaw. It stars Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison.

It’s an English musical and is now considered a classic. It has elements of romance, comedy and drama. The movie also comments on several social issues of its time.

The movie relates the story of an arrogant phonetics professor, who accepts a wager to train a Cockney flower girl to speak English so correctly that she could pass off as a duchess in the Royal Court.

This is my favourite because it doesn’t end in a cliche. Another reason is that the questions it raises to society are relevant to our times as well and still remain unanswered.

In case you missed it, here’s the question from last week .


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IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.13

Here’s another IELTS Speaking Part 2 question. While questions related to film and music aren’t as popular as those about memories, it is still advisable to prepare sample answers in case the examiner asks you one. Write your answer in the comments box below. Next week, I’ll post a model answer.


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Here’s the model answer for last week’s Speaking Part 2 question.

I’m going to talk about my favorite TV programme, which is Dr Who.

It is a science fiction show and chronicles the adventures of a time traveling alien known as The Doctor and his human companions through space and time.

I usually  watch it once a week when it airs on TV. However, I also have the series on DVD and often find myself having Dr Who marathons on weekends.

I love the show not only for its imaginative storyline, but also for the portrayal of the complexities that arise from a life of time traveling, which are mind numbingly fascinating. The tenor is balanced between light comic moments and grave solemn ones. The reason its my favorite, though, is because it opens my mind to what the future may hold and also instills a new wonder for our past.

Here is the original question from last week.

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IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.11

Here’s another IELTS Speaking Part 2 question. Write your answer in the comments box below. Next week, I’ll post a model answer.


Before you begin, see how to answer questions in Speaking Part 2 and how to manage your time effectively.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Q.11 – Model answer

Here’s the model answer to the question I posted last week about questionnaires.

Many organizations conduct questionnaires for different reasons. A civil society organization could be engaged in research and activities of that nature. They will conduct questionnaires asking citizens for their opinion on various matters relating to governance, law and public policy. These questionnaires are their source of data which they use to conduct analysis that form the backbone of their work in the spheres of activism. On a broader note, think tanks in general would conduct questionnaires to learn more about the issues their organization works on. (more…)

IELTS Listening – Ted Ed No.8

Here’s a fantastic video exploring the mania that surrounds English teaching and learning. There’s no doubt that English is the official global language of the world now. But when did it become a phenomenon? And when did this phenomenon become a mania? Don’t just watch the video,get the most out of ted-ed – develop your listening skills, note down some useful vocabulary, and answer the questions along with the video.


The world’s English mania

Jay Walker talks about the ways in which learning the English language has become a feverish enterprise across the globe.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of English as lingua franca? Share your ideas in the comments below.

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Q.8

In the comments below, make notes on how you will structure your response.


Some people think that in the modern world we have become more dependent on each other, while others think that people are now more independent. 
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


See here how to answer IELTS writing task 2 questions . I’ll post a model answer soon.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Q.9 – Model answer

Here is an answer to the question I gave you last week. 

The most important quality for an orator is the ability to capture the attention of your audience. That begins with having confidence because a confident speaker is more likely to impress and captivate others compared to someone who is either unsure of his content or timid. The personality of a person determines largely how they fare as a speaker since people who are more expressive, original and extroverted will be able to charm their listeners. Organizing your ideas in a coherent and smooth flow will ensure better delivery and while a rehearsed speech is good as preparation, it should not come across as mechanical. Also, an often heard tip for public speaking is to establish eye contact with your audience.

The difference between an ordinary speaker and a great one is the level of passion they speak with. When someone is keenly vested in their content, it is obvious to the audience and this in turn makes them more interested in what you are saying. A good speaker knows his target audience and prepares his speech to that effect. An informal setting requires different preparation as opposed to a meeting in office. Talking in a natural tone with appropriate voice modulations helps in engaging the people listening. There are different ways of connecting with your audience such as by telling stories, having an approachable body language, asking questions and being willing to answer questions.

The best speeches are ones that are not excessively long. Such a speaker communicates his point by being concise and supporting his points with stories or facts. We remember speakers who convey sincerity, conviction and enthusiasm for their subject.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Q.8 – Model answer

Here is a sample answer to the question I posted last week on communication. 

Men and women tend to have different patterns of communication. Women are more expressive and use words to communicate what they are thinking or feeling whereas men communicate on a need to know basis and are not as prone to sharing personal information. They talk to share ideas, suggestions and facts. Men prefer taking decisions independently whereas women like to consider inputs and seek advice which then results in men making quicker decisions. Women like to listen to others and are open towards asking for feedback.

The body language of the two are also contrasting such as women use more non verbal communication such as making eye contact, gesturing and animated facial expressions but men have more of a nonchalant and conservative body language. Men talk more at work where they engage in problem solving and women talk more in social settings conveying her personal thoughts in words.  These variations in communication stem from their childhood itself where women pursue friendships in order to build a connection and for this purpose talking is vital. Men have friendships that focus on activities rather than sharing of emotions. These patterns then develop into adulthood as women preferring conversation as a means of bonding while men focus on action and purpose driven communication.

Within these conventional changes though, there can be more differences within each gender in itself like different women can have varied styles of communication so, these conventions cannot said to be applicable to everyone in equal measures. It is modified by your personality and there are not set rules for people in general.


IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Q.2 Model answer

Did you jot down any ideas and notes for the IELTS Speaking Part 2 sample question I posted last week? Here is a model answer.  I’m going to talk about an advertisement for the Chanel No.5, probably the most famous brand of perfume in the world. I’ve seen it on TV many times but the first time I saw it was at the cinema while waiting for a movie to begin. (more…)