My name is Pulkit Vasudha. It’s a mouthful but no one else in the world has my name – I’m confident of that. In my past lives, I have worked as a journalist, a travel writer, and a public relations and marketing executive. I have several years experience as a teacher and teacher trainer and I think of myself a lifelong learner and educator. At the moment, I’m taking a self-imposed sabbatical to pause, reflect, share, grow, luxuriate, and eat cake. Lots of cake.

It’s hard to keep virtual profiles updated when one’s interests change as often as mine do. Mostly, I love the company of people who can talk incessantly, intelligently. I could spend my days reading Derrida, interspersing it with Blyton, JM Barrie, Lewis Carroll, and Wilde. I love making impromptu plans, traipsing up and down beautiful places, having a blast and breathing in deep. I also love, just as passionately, to sit on the couch and do nothing at all.

Ms.ESL is my blog about education, teaching, teacher training, and educational leadership. Here’s my portfolio of journalistic and travel writing. From time to time, I indulge in freelance editing because I love working with words, I love reading, and I love language.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for the boring stuff.


So what do you think?

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