Month: May 2017

Inclusive Leadership for Teachers and Teacher Trainers

I took this course on Inclusive Leadership on edX earlier this year and had so many thoughts about how to apply the learnings as a teacher and teacher trainer.

But first, I want to tell you a story. A teacher was once summoned by her manager. A summon is in itself fairly ominous but the manager started the discussion with a forced smile and casual chit-chat which convinced the teacher she was in trouble for ‘something’. She tried to stay calm and smile but in her head, she was feverishly running through the events of the last week, trying to figure out what she might have done, where she may have slipped, which student may have complained.

All she could think of was how she had walked into the school after a holiday and the receptionist had welcomed her with a huge smile and said, “Welcome back sweety! Your students missed you – I’ve had so many come and ask when you were coming back.” (more…)