CELTA Trainer-in-Training: Materials and Sessions Design

This was another ‘During CELTA’ Trainer-in-Training tasks that was easily completed before the CELTA began, thereby reducing my sky-high-workload during the four weeks of the course.

The task involved creating handouts that could be given to trainees before, during, or after an input session. These weren’t live handouts – I think they were just meant for the course tutor and assessor to gauge my material development skills.

I chose to create handouts for the following sessions:

  1. Teaching Conditionals:
    I chose this one because personally, I don’t teach grammar explicitly in the classroom. I’m just not convinced explicit grammar teaching serves any purpose in increasing communicative competence. So I generally shy away from training teachers in how to teach grammar too.
    So I wanted to challenge myself and do some research on training teachers in teaching tricky grammar like conditionals. At first, I’d chosen this topic as one of the input sessions I had to deliver on the course. But I was so uncertain about it that I switched to Teaching Modals, which was still a grammar input and therefore a challenge, but not quite as challenging as teaching conditionals.
    Here are the handouts I designed for this session: Materials 1 – Teaching Conditionals
  2. Feedback and Error Correction:
    I chose this one because feedback is one of the most under-utilized stages in lessons. When teachers plan their lessons, they don’t usually consider the importance of feedback. In fact, I believe, feedback is the stage when much the teaching occurs. For this reason, I’ve also started flipping my lessons. But I digress.. I’ll write more about flipping the classroom and making the most of feedback another time.
    So as you can see, I feel quite strongly about the importance of making the most of feedback. And here are the handouts I designed for this task: Materials 2 – Feedback and Error Correction

I was quite pleased with how these material turned out and will definitely be using them in future CELTA courses.


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