Month: October 2015

CELTA Trainer-in-Training: Input Sessions

This was probably the most important and the most daunting of all the CELTA tasks I had to do. Of the 30+ sessions to be delivered during the CELTA, I was asked to pick any three I felt comfortable delivering and getting observed on. The Main Course Tutor (MCT) advised me to refer to The CELTA Course, by Scott Thornbury and Peter Watkins, but told me explicitly to design my chosen sessions myself, rather than relying exclusively on this or other books.

Though I’ve designed and delivered several input sessions on a wide range of topics before (I’ve done a lot of teacher training since 2012 – both in ILA Vietnam and here, at BC Riyadh), I was very nervous about these sessions because I knew I’d be observed on each one and ultimately, my performance during input would determine whether or not I qualified as a CELTA tutor.

I chose three sessions – Teaching Reading and Using Authentic Material, Teaching Modals, and Teaching Young Learners. I spent several hours poring over The CELTA Course and other teacher training books I had before I designed the sessions. And even then, each session probably went through at least five more revisions before I was satisfied with it.

The MCT’s feedback on the first session on Teaching Reading and Using Authentic Material was quite positive. She said the session was designed well and appropriate for the CELTA trainees’ requirements. The only thing she commented on in terms of delivery was that I needed to milk each feedback stage more in order to really underline the key points and drive them home. Here are the materials for this session. As always, TN stands for Trainer Notes, HO for Handouts. (more…)

CELTA Trainer-in-Training: Sessions Design

Here’s the third in the series of During CELTA tasks all Trainers-in-Training need to complete. This was also one of the tasks that was easy to do before the course actually began.

The task requires the T-i-T to select four input sessions, and anticipate / predict how they might be delivered. One has to consider the key points that should be covered in the session, the anticipated style of session delivery, and the interaction patterns one expects to see. The T-i-T must then observe these particular sessions and comment on how closely their predictions matched the session delivered and reflections from this exercise.

As usual, I designed a template document for this task (Session 0 Template) and then set about choosing the sessions from the CELTA timetable that the Main Course Tutor had shared with me. I then selected four sessions I was particularly interested in: (more…)

CELTA Trainer-in-Training: Materials and Sessions Design

This was another ‘During CELTA’ Trainer-in-Training tasks that was easily completed before the CELTA began, thereby reducing my sky-high-workload during the four weeks of the course.

The task involved creating handouts that could be given to trainees before, during, or after an input session. These weren’t live handouts – I think they were just meant for the course tutor and assessor to gauge my material development skills.

I chose to create handouts for the following sessions: (more…)