CELTA Trainer-in-Training: Input Log Sheets

This was one of the several ‘During CELTA’ Trainer-in-Training tasks I had to complete for the portfolio. I had to observe experienced CELTA tutors on my course deliver their input sessions and comment on various aspects.

T-i-Ts are required to attend at least 80 percent of the inputs – so about 25 of the 30+ inputs delivered on my CELTA course. This meant that while the other tutors had a chance to deliver their session and take a break, go for lunch, check their facebook, I was in the CELTA room almost all the time – waiting for one input to end and the next one to begin. 

Before the course began, the Main Course Tutor said to me that if things get too busy and too much work, she’ll be fine if I skip a few sessions. But from the very first day, I found the sessions so useful, I actually wanted to sit in on all of them. While I filled out the log sheets in the format required by Cambridge, I also made detailed notes of every stage of the input and collected all the handouts the tutors gave to the trainees. So I have a skeleton and a plan for several input sessions for future CELTA courses. In the end, I only missed one of the sessions, and boy, am I glad to have a fantastic repository of input log sheets and workshop plans for future courses.

So here’s the template of the log sheet I created before the course started. It helped to number and name the documents in my folder beforehand because it further reduced my workload while the course was going on.

Input 0 Template

And here’s a sample of a completed input log.

Input 1 Lesson planning C

Hope you find it useful.


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