CELTA Trainer-in-training: Written Assignment Standardization

This is probably going to be the shortest post in the series.

This CELTA Trainer-in-Training task (here’s the complete list) requires the trainer-in-training to go through the written assignments on LMS Fronter, which contains all the CELTA standardization material, make notes based on the assessment criteria specified in the syllabus, and then compare it against the tutors’ feedback and final grading.

There are several sample assignments and accompanying tutor remarks for each of the four assignments required on the CELTA:

  1. Language skills
  2. Language tasks
  3. The learner
  4. Lessons from the classroom

It was actually quite interesting reading the various assignments and comparing my thoughts with the official feedback. This was the only task that I sort-of avoided – I think by this point, I just wanted to dive into the actual course and start doing the training for real. I was also doing this task about two weeks before the course started and I realized that I wouldn’t get the first assignment to mark until Week 2 of the course, which was three weeks away. With my amnesia and baby brain, I was more than likely to forget all that I had learned while doing the standardization tasks. So I didn’t do them.

But I regretted this later, because marking assignments turned out to be my least favorite thing to do during the course. I think what I should’ve done was gone through the standardization material for each assignment just before it was due. That way, it wouldn’t have been a memory tussle for me. Anyway, this is what I’d advise future and current trainers-in-training (T-in-Ts) to do – set aside time at the end of Week 1 to go through the standardization material for the assignment due in week 2, and so on.


So what do you think?

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