CELTA Trainer-in-training: TP Standardization

As part of my pre-course preparation (here’s the complete list of Pre-Course tasks), I had to watch several videos on LMS Fronter, which contains Cambridge’s archive of CELTA standardization material. Once you get your Trainer-in-training (T-in-T) approval, Cambridge will send you a username and password so you can access this website. The ‘rooms’ I was able to access on the LMS were: TP Standardization lessons, Written Assignment Standardization packs, Discussion tasks, YL Ext., and the assessors’ standardization material.

There are fifteen videos with accompanying lesson plans and tutor comments under TP Standardization. Perhaps because I had previous teacher training experience, my trainer asked me to only watch a couple of videos. Just as well, because I found watching these videos supremely tiresome. But it was useful in a way because it prepared me for teaching practice observations throughout the course where the tutors and I sat at the back of the classroom, observed three TPs everyday, and made detailed notes for feedback.

Here is a sample of the notes I made after watching one of the videos:

Stage Strengths Things to consider
Lead-in Good rapport from the start

Energetic start

Mind-mapping vocabulary to activate schemata

Elicitation of ‘suntan’

Allow Ls to brainstorm in pairs/groups
Contextualization Use of visuals

Instructions and ICQs

Appropriate amount of time set to look at the picture

Personalization by asking Ls about their recent experiences at Bbqs

Allow Ls to discuss the picture in pairs

Set the task before giving the text – Why are they looking at the picture? What are they looking for?

Focus on form Instructions

Peer check

Why the focus on question tags?

Contextualize the picture more

Listening 1 Task set before starting the CD
Listening 2 Task set before starting the CD
Listening 3 Ls read before listening Feedback: peer feedback to check

T should nominate Ls to answer

Language task Peer interaction

Answer key + peer check

Set peer interaction before task starts

Monitoring is too loud

Telling Ls when we use Question Tags during task – this hasn’t been covered before

Language focus Good explanation of the function

Elicitation of form-related error

Allow Ls to lead discussion of form

Board work: Highlight using colored markers / tables

Language task Feedback through answer key

Focus on ‘actually’

Loud monitoring

Pair work

Pronunciation Authentic models of intonation and connected speech provided

Group drilling, individual drilling

Substitution drilling

Mark intonation on the board or provide visual cue

Error correction during drilling

Controlled practice Instructions and task set up

Activity for early finishers


Demo the activity

Intrusive monitoring

Explanation of ‘follow-up question’


So what do you think?

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