Speaking part 2 Q 31 – Model answer

Here’s a model answer to last week’s IELTS Speaking Part 2 question.

A key event in my life was when I moved to Singapore at the age of 15.

My father was transferred to Singapore and so, I studied from Grade 10 to 12 in an international school there and completed my schooling.  I was excited because I had lived in several cities in India but it would be the first time I was moving abroad.

Shifting overseas changed my life as I was exposed to a variety of cultures, not only in school but also around me. Living in such a diverse environment helped me develop an understanding of the importance of a globally interconnected world.

I feel it changed my life in a good way because I got the opportunity to study a different curriculum in school which allowed me to pick a range of subjects from humanities to science as opposed to India where you need to specialize in one of the prescribed streams. This helped broaden my horizons.

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