Make shy students speak

Got shy students – use Morfo to make them speak. This app will come in handy if you and your students have Apple devices at school or personal machines. It’s also available on Windows phones but how many of those are there in this world!

Too bad they haven’t released an Android app. I’d love to play with this, especially because I work with Saudi female students. Saudi women usually don’t like having their photos or videos taken by anyone. While selfies are popular, most women don’t share their photos via the internet for fear of private data getting leaked over the internet.

So, in my case, all of my students would be categorized as camera-shy.

Morfo is an iPhone and iPad app that students can use to create videos using their own photos or pre-loaded animated characters. After choosing their character or image, students upload their own audio, animate their character to match the audio (for example, the animations can be made to smile or frown depending on the tone of the speaker). Great for students who have a story to tell (and all students do) but are too shy to speak in front of a class. Using an animated character removes them from centerstage and allows their linguistic ability to take center stage.

Check out this video to see how Morfo works. Or watch this video to see how a teacher used Morfo to tell a story to her students. Later, the students made their own Morfo videos to tell stories.

You can download Morfo from iTunes.

So what do you think?

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