IELTS Writing Task 2 – Q.11

Here’s a sample Writing Task 2 question on the topic of technology.


In the last 20 years there have been significant developments in the field of information technology (IT), for example the World Wide Web and communication by email. However, future developments in IT are likely to have more negative effects than positive.

To what extent do you agree or disagree. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. You should write at least 250 words.


Note the structure of the question: there are two sentences that tell you the topic. Then comes the question: “To what extent do you agree or disagree?” This is followed by another sentences giving you further instructions on what to include in the essay.

If you look at the first two sentences, they provide a great basis for the first paragraph. The process of paraphrasing these two sentences will also allow you to digest the information and the question.

When you write the introduction, don’t forget to answer the question – do you agree or disagree. But “do you agree / disagree” with what? Here is where many students are likely to make a mistake.

If you look at the first sentence “In the last 20 years…”, this is statement of fact. Nobody can argue this point.

Now look at the second sentence: “However, future developments…”. This is the CORE sentence in the question. This is what you have to agree or disagree with as well.

Now, in the comments below, try writing a brief introduction.

See here how to answer IELTS writing task 2 questions . I’ll post a model answer soon.


  1. There has been an important improvement in the plateau of the system of information exchange such as online network and telecommunications over the last two decades. In fact, while some people hold the idea that any future development in this territory might have adverse effects, I personally disagree with their position and belief that the benefits following the coming up evolution will overcome the drawbacks. The reasons for my point of view are as follows.


  2. Information technology is one of the most developed sciences over the two decades. In spite of large numbers of people think that technology has a negative impact. But, in my opinion, information technology has affected positively on lifestyle.


  3. In the first sentence,
    1.important ≠ significant
    2. improvement ≠ developments
    3. plateau ≠ field
    The rest the paraphrased sentence is fine. You can start the sentence with, “There have been several advancements…” or, “There has been considerable progress…”

    In the second sentence,
    1. delete “In fact” – this is used when countering an idea mentioned before.
    2. hold the idea –> are of the opinion
    3. territory ≠ field; you can say “further technological inventions”
    4. belief –> believe

    The third sentence is redundant. You can delete it.

    Overall, great introduction. I think you’ve got the hang of it.


  4. In the first sentence,
    1. you’re using the simple present tense “is” in the first half of the sentence
    2. you’re using “over the two decades” in the second half of the sentence –> refers to time in the past until now.
    –> This should be “There have been considerable advancements in… over the last two decades.”

    In the second sentence,
    1. you have misread the question and therefore, this sentence doesn’t fit into this essay.

    Read the post above to understand the question properly, before writing the answer.


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