Which is better – An IELTS course or Self-study?

A lot of students ask me this question. Is it better to study at home or join an IELTS course at a local language school.

I’m not going to mince words here and say it depends on a lot of factors. The bottomline is that it is always better to take a course. And here’s why I strongly believe this is the best way to succeed at IELTS:

1. You get a real, live teacher 2-3 times a week who can answer all your questions.

2. Joining a group of people who have the same goal as you is more motivating than studying on your own.

3. It saves time and money! Believe me, you might think the internet is full of information about the IELTS test, study techniques, sample questions and model answers. And all for free. Why should one pay $2-300 to take fifteen or twenty lessons? This is because while it’s true the internet is an ocean of information, it literally is an ocean. To sift through everything on the internet and identify the most useful information takes a long time. And time is money.

4. An experienced IELTS teacher can quickly diagnose your particular strengths and weaknesses and advise you appropriately.

If despite my five-point post on why taking an IELTS course is better, you decide to study for the exam by yourself, I highly recommend choosing ONE or TWO websites that you find particularly useful and only using these. This way, you will keep your IELTS self-study focused and free of distractions.

Got any questions? Ask me in the comments below.

So what do you think?

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