IELTS Writing Task 1: Understanding charts and graphs (Part 2)

Let’s do some more work on understanding charts and graphs in IELTS Writing Task 1.

Below is a brief description of the graph I posted yesterday. I want you to draw the missing parts of the graph from the description. You might want to print a copy of the graph or draw a rough version in your notebook.

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal the actual line graph so you can check if you interpreted the language properly.


The line graph shows figures for unemployment, for men and women aged 20 and above, between January and August 2013. It is clear from the chart that the rate of unemployment fluctuated somewhat, there was a general downward trend.

At the beginning of the period, unemployment stood at 7.3 percent for both sexes. For women, this figure dropped slightly in January and remained constant at 7 percent for a month. From here, it fell sharply to roughly 6.5 percent over the next two months. Unemployment rose to 6.8 percent in May but there was a marked downward trend from June. By August, unemployment rates were hovering just over 6.2 percent.

For men, unemployment rates fell to 6.9 percent in the first two months of the year but gradually rose to 7.2 percent by May. This figure dropped slightly to 7 percent over the next month and remained stable until July, before creeping up marginally by 0.1 percent.



So what do you think?

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