M-Learning: Making comparisons

Here’s a great activity for using mobile phones in ESL and bringing the class to life. This one was originally posted on the great resource website One Stop English. Sounds like it will be quite engaging and interesting for students, and quite productive too.

Students, especially mine in Saudi, love their gadgets. Almost every student has more than one phone, and everyone gets the latest iPhone on the market. At the risk of sounding cheesy, phones are to Saudis what Forever 21 is to me – cheap, so why not!

For this activity, show students pictures of an old 90s era phone and a recent one.

Elicit from the students what the old phone could do, and what the new phones can do. For e.g. The old phone made phone calls but didn’t take photos. The new phone can make phone calls and take pictures.

Students can then compare their own phones and find out which one is better. As an extension, students can design their own dream phones in groups, and then try and sell them to other students.

So what do you think?

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