CELTA Assignment 4: The story

Written sometime in mid-2009:

The last of the four assignments we did during CELTA was a piece of cake. The only horrid part about it was that we had to do it in the last week, when we also had to present our hour-long lesson plan, which had us all in a frenzy! In the midst of all the excitement, the end of the course and all, we also had to deal with the Fart Machine madness.. hahaha. Fernanda, the crazy Brazilian teacher doing the CELTA with us, was intensely fascinated by all things nubile. She bought a fart machine to use on her students back in Americana (near Sao Paolo) but used it in class with us first! hahaha…. I have to admit, it was fuuuuunny, and I was her partner in crime 😉

Anyway, so in the midst of the madness, we had to do this assignment on lessons we’ve learnt during the CELTA. Again, there were all kinds of arbit guidelines we had to follow.. it was intensely stupid, but the only way to ensure my $2500 did not go in vain was to follow the guidelines. Sigh.. bureaucratic paperwork!

The day before, our group had tried asking for an extension on the assignment but Gabi, the devil she was (ah well, she wasn’t so bad after all), tartly told us there would be no extensions. I still had that horrible hour and a half commute back to San Jose, and on my way back in the Bart, I couldn’t get Robert Frost’s poem out of my head.. It ends this way –

And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep..

At 6 p.m. that night, I still had to start the assignment, I still had to start planning for the next day’s hour-long torture lesson… aargh, I didn’t get much sleep that night. At least, Gabi drew a couple of smileys on my assignment (which, by the way, I completed an hour before I had to present my lesson).

I know at least one other person among my co-CELTAtians had to resubmit this one too! Lol..

You can go through all my CELTA assignments free. Drop me  a line if these were useful. Cheers!

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