CELTA Assignment 3: The story

The third assignment we did during CELTA was also fun. We had the choice of doing the assignment on either Reading Skills or Listening Skills. Since we also needed to reproduce the materials for the assignment, everyone obviously chose to do it on Reading Skills. Much easier to just copy, paste text from somewhere than get listening material. I wonder why they even give us a choice.. haha!

We also had the choice of picking reading material straight from the book or choosing an authentic text (text that has actually been published – online or on paper – and not been graded to the reading level of the ESL students). I definitely wanted to an authentic text.. I was bored to death with the awfully boring stuff in the ESL textbooks, and I thought students must find authentic texts more interesting, even though it can be more challenging and may contain words they haven’t come across.

I scratched my brains for a little while, surfed the esl sites looking for some ideas, then hit upon a brilliant one. Yelp.. savior of the indecisive, of the lost and forsaken. I quickly searched for reviews of the restaurant downstairs (in the same building as St. Giles International, SF) and found a few perfectly suited for my elementary group of students.

The rest was easy.. just devised a few gist questions and detailed tasks and wrote how I would plan and execute the lesson. This was really an easy assignment. I did get a resubmit on it, but it was a minor point of conisderation – My gist tasks seemed to be too detailed to our CELTA tutor, so I just rewrote those.

Next up.. the lesson plan and the accompanying tasks. Has some cool pictures too. Enjoy!

So what do you think?

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