CELTA Assignment: Language Analysis ‘get/have sth done’

4. To “get”/”have” something done (as in “She got /had her car repaired.”)

Basic Meaning/Use

Meaning: To arrange for something to be done by someone else.

Use: We use this form when talking about something that somebody else has done for us.

Illustrative Presentation Context

Zara lives in San Francisco. She is a very busy lawyer. One day, she found water dripping from the roof. Soon, there was water all over the floor. She called the plumber and told him to fix it. The plumber found the leak and repaired it. Now, there is no leak.

Marker Sentence

She got/had her roof repaired.

Pronunciation Features

The stress falls on ‘roof’ and ‘repaired’.

When we use ‘get’ in either the present or past tense,

When we use ‘got her’ or ‘had her’ in speech, the second word is linked to the first. While speaking, we don’t usually pronounce the first letter of the second word, in this case, /her/ becomes  /ər/. So, the phrase is pronounced as /hæd/ /ər/.

Similarly, ‘got her/his’ will be pronounced as /gɑt/ /ər/ or /gɑt/ /ɪz/.

Concept checking

  1. Could Zara repair the roof herself?
  2. Did she have to call someone to repair the roof?
  3. Did the plumber fix the roof for her?

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