CELTA Assignment: Language Analysis ‘would you mind’

3. “Would you mind” as in “Would you mind opening the door?”

Basic Meaning/Use

Meaning: Will you please

Use: A commonly used polite way of making a request, mostly used in formal language. Though it is used in a question form, the phrase is just another way of requesting someone.

Illustrative Presentation Context

Sunil was a student at St. Giles. One day, his phone rang when he was in class. He answered his phone. It was his mother calling from India. She could not hear him clearly. He had to talk louder. The other students were looking at him. They could not work because he was talking so loudly. The teacher asked him to go outside the classroom to talk.

Marker Sentence

Would you mind going outside?

Pronunciation Features

The stress is on ‘going’ and ‘outside’.

It is important not to stress either ‘would’, ‘you’, or ‘mind’ in the sentence because that changes the meaning of the sentence completely.

Concept Checking

  1. Should Sunil talk in class?
  2. Did the teacher scold Sunil?
  3. Did he order Sunil to go out?
  4. What did the teacher ask Sunil to do?

Grammar Form/Pattern

Would + subject (you) + mind + verb (present continuous tense) +object?

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