CELTA Assignment: Language Analysis ‘used to’

1. ‘used to’ (as in “He used to smoke”)

Basic Meaning/Use

Meaning: A past action that happened regularly or all the time in the past but does not happen now. A situation that was true in the past but is not anymore.

Use: We use this form when talking about past actions or situations that happened regularly over a period of time in the past but don’t happen anymore.

Illustrative Presentation Context

Jack lived in London. He hated it. He hated the cold and damp weather in London. He decided to move to California. Now, he lives in Los Angeles. He loves living there.

Marker Sentence

He used to live in London.

Pronunciation Features

The stress falls on Jack, live, London.

The word ‘used’ begins with a long /ju:/ sound. ‘Used’ is linked to the word ‘to’. So, in speech, ‘used to’ is pronounced as /ju׃st tu׃/

Concept Checking

  1. Did Jack live in London?
  2. Did he move from London?
  3. Does he live in London now?

Grammar Form/Pattern

Subject + used + to + verb (simple present tense/first person) + object

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